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Presentation Directeur artistique et scénographe


His signature style, based on a perfect balance between fertile imagination and powerful personality, is constantly requested for sublimating parades, shows, photo shoots, shows, clips, shots, short films, contests and shows. art exhibitions.

Front-Gardist , with structured eccentricity, Bruno likes to shove the codes. His favorite themes are religious, cyber-medieval or science fiction.

He is appreciated by his peers for being a drug addict of the idea, the pleasure of creation and the thrill of novelty. He is known for his fearless approach, unexpected and sensitive skills to haute coiffure, fashion and design.

His peculiarity : he works with live models. For this creator of worlds, the woman is very often the subject of all his attentions, all his inspirations. He has dedicated a dozen collections to them. All  of them transport us to a world where prejudices do not exist: Rev’elle, No cry, Metallica, Dematerial, No Existence, GraphikColor or Metallica. He has also successfully experimented with the creation of a men’s collection “Glarçonne” in which he puts forward  some form of femininity for men who have not lost their virility. Bruno likes to sublimate the human through his imagination. Its codes are: respect, aesthetics and the requirement.

He is fascinated by geometry in space , he likes strong and sharp forms and likes to adapt, to transform to give birth to his improbable and sensual creations.

For each of his projects, he brings a fineness of the gaze, a vision of extreme lucidity and freedom.

His national and international experience, gained in recent years, allows him to build his own tool panel, to identify the techniques he has placed at the service of his insatiable creativity. With rigor, precision and aesthetics, he uses  and turns recycled materials to make works of art. His driving force is his taking risk. He does no limit and allows himself all desires …, always reaching the challenges that are offered  to him.

Sought for his plural approach of arts, he likes to cleverly engage partners and collaborators who share  his passion for the visual. Artist and craftsman, he relies heavily on his demanding vision of each parameter of creation: Photographers, make-up artists, stylists, hairdressers, designers trust him.

Indeed, his appointments at prestigious events, such as the “Hairdressing Awards”, “Trophée des couleurs”, “Haute couture” and “Photos Awards”, allowed him to sharpen his talent as a conductor. He believes in co-creation and collaborates with the best artists of his time by moving to participate in 2014 the Moscow Ballet Team to sublimate the exquisite dancers of “Dialogue with Nureyev”.

Bruno is currently working on the presentation of his latest creation … an impressive collection of perfume bottles. A continuation of his universe and his new fashion collection “Dematerial’s.

To discover …


  • From 2014 to nowadays Boss manager in ( B.Barbeyrol ) Lattes
  • From 2009 to 2014 Boss Manager in ( B.Barbeyrol ) Montpellier
  • From 2002 to 2008 Boss Manager in (Optimum coiffure) Lattes
  • From 1987 to 2002 Boss Manager in (Bruno Espace Coiffure) La Rochelle


  • Morphology training with Business Partners MERCURE Hotel in Cannes 2018
  • Training “And now let’s start from the very beginning?” at Gouiran” Montpellier 2017
  • Training in “Edito–graphique” with Success Academy”. Lyon 2011


  • Tony & guy
  • Formulaa
  • Longueras
  • Maurice Melone
  • Ivan Bauchemin
  • Trevor Sorbie
  • Vidal Sassoon


  • Show of Beauty Selection in Marseille 2018
  • Demonstration Artbox Projects New York 2018
  • Showroom “Mirage” au Dom Bosco Montpellier 2018
  • Collaboration coiffure and stylisme shooting film Calvin 2017
  • Collaboration coiffure film Mektoub My Love by Abdellatif Kechiche 2017
  • Art 3F Contemporain Palais des Expositions Montpellier 2017
  • International Festival Effects Stars Montpellier 2016
  • Photos show in Domaine de Verchant Montpellier 2016
  • Show coiffure “Matrix by Gouiran” 2016
  • Artists Galery – Art Wanson Group Marbella 2015
  • Show Galery Velvenoir Salzburg Autriche 2015
  • Show Art Expo New York 2015
  • Emillion’s Art 2015
  • SHOW Art Monaco 2015
  • Dialogue with Nureyev – Rolls Royce Moscow 2014
  • WORLD Show Coiffure Paris 2014
  • Show Coiffure Raven Italy 2013
  • Catalog for the magazine “AVM Imports” Senegal 2012
  • World Show Paris 2012
  • Show coiffure “Metamorphosis” – Congress Palace in Béziers 2012
  • Show coiffure “Métamorphose” – Congress Palace in Béziers 2011
  • Exposition “Diva” Opéra-Théâtre Avignon 2011
  • Show coiffure “Métamorphosis” Béziers 2010
  • Show coiffure BSG World Curitiba Brésil 2010
  • Hairdressing Awards 2nd men cup &2nd Paris Region 2007
  • Hairdressing Awards Paris nominé –couleur 2006
  • Show coiffure l‘Oréal Montpellier 2006
  • Show coiffure Tigi Haircare Mondial Paris 2004& 2005
  • “Color Trophy”, finalist 2003-2004
  • High Fashion Photo Awards London 2004&2005
  • Parade in Ghota, la Dune,Villa Rouge for the TV channel of Montpellier


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Cesc Fabregas



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